Jessica and Nelly Korda

Playing a professional round of golf can be a lonely place for players, who travel the world with very little time at home.

But for sisters Jessica and Nelly Korda, they have a “built-in best friend” who is with them to keep each other company as they travel to events around the world. Both are winners on the Women’s Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Tour and often find themselves battling each other near the end of tournaments. But they really feel the importance of having each other in moments off the field. “We’ve always said it’s like an integrated best friend,” Nelly told CNN’s Living Golf. “An automatic dinner companion.

Because life gets pretty lonely here, traveling from one destination to another. So it’s fun to have someone in the same hotel and have automatic practice rounds together as well. So it’s a lot of fun and it definitely makes life a lot easier. too. Jessica admits that since they’ve grown up and there are only five years between them, it’s “really cool” that they still “really like each other. We are best friends and there is nothing I do not share with her,” she said.
And then it’s so nice, too, when we were queuing at Avis the other day and the line was like an hour.

Just being there sucks, but you have someone else, so you can talk to someone and have fun and be normal together. So I think that part is a lot of fun for us. “Sport is literally in the Korda sisters’ blood. Her father, Petr, capped an excellent tennis career in 1998 by winning the Australian Open. His wife, Regina Rajchrtov√°, was also a professional tennis player. Even her younger brother Sebastian is one of the best tennis prospects on tour right now. Jessica remembers that because she was a “high energy girl.

she was thrown into a variety of sports, from “gymnastics to figure skating”. to ballet to tap dancing, to tennis, to golf¬† Anything I could get energy out of, I did. I didn’t do it for long, obviously because as a kid you said, ‘No, I don’t like that. I don’t want to go there.’ Never again. ‘ But golf is always just, I mean, I really felt at home with golf. Her future success in professional sports of her choice may have been dismissed in the forges of children’s Monopoly games among the family, as Nelly recalls some particularly.

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