Cómo un gesto amable una hebra

In Towson, Maryland, there is a street called Dunkirk Road. There are 32 homes in Dunkirk, where families of various races, religions and political opinions live. The neighbors are all close friends.

So when Matt Riggs, who lives down the block with his wife Kerry, found out that his neighbor across the street was battling depression in December 2020, he decided to spread some Christmas cheer. Riggs, who had been going through tough times during the pandemic, hung up his Christmas lights early because he needed some cheer. He managed to cross one of the street wires, over a tree, and connected it to his neighbor’s house.

Soon they were going house to house, turning on their lights until the entire block was turned on. Riggs told CNN they all did it again this year, with a neighbor making a metal sign by hand that reads “Love lives here.”
An enlightened idea I was decorating for the holidays and I was a little early. It was actually before Thanksgiving, but it was such a dark time for all of us. I really didn’t want to wait any longer,” recalls Riggs from last season.

I wanted to go ahead and turn things on. So I was climbing the tree and turning on the lights on my tree and I wanted to see if I could get them to cross the street. And I was so excited when I did make them cross the street and stay on. Once Matt did it, I talked to my neighbor across the street and said, ‘Hey, let’s do it too,'” she says. “It’ll close the block, you’ll go through a stoplight, and then when you exit the block, you’ll come out of it.

But it’s a lot harder to hang those lights than you might imagine. That’s where Tom Desert came in. He’s the helpful neighbor who soon figured out how to ride strand after strand, canopying over the block and planting anchors in each lawn to hold strands in place. Once there was a job to do, Tom came out and was helping us because it’s so difficult. They’re heavy, those lights,” says Commisso.

She says a group of neighbors got in the car and “left Home Depot.” Neighbor Melissa DiMuzio decided to give it a nice touch. While eating shows on Netflix, she folded wire hangers on a sign that read “Love Lives Here.” She wrapped it in lights and Desert helped it show up too. Tom was able to turn on our lights and then we said, everyone, let’s do it. I had missed the opportunity to hang up my own thread, and I really wanted to participate.

DiMuzio surveyed neighbors about what the sign should say. That gave me permission to think outside of the realm of happy holidays,” she says. “The last one was love lives here, which is actually on a wooden plaque in my garage that my mom gave me We have 32 houses on this block, and despite differences in opinions and beliefs, however you look at it, everyone here loves each other she says.

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